Jimmy Fallon Quizzes Elizabeth Warren On Van Halen And Her Reply Is A Doozy

The "Tonight Show" host brought up Van Halen after the recent drama over Billie Eilish not knowing the band.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren not only knows who both Billie Eilish and Van Halen are, she even has “some thoughts” on the whole thing.

The Massachusetts senator appeared on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday night and was quizzed by host Jimmy Fallon on a few important questions, including which past presidents she admires most, why she isn’t taking money from big donors, and ... does she know who Van Halen is?

Without missing a beat, Warren replied to the question: “Yes, but you don’t have to. Let’s ease up on Billie,” she said.

“I have some thoughts on the whole @BillieEilish thing,” she later wrote on Twitter, sharing a clip of her appearance.

17-year-old singer Eilish caused a stir recently when she told late night host Jimmy Kimmel that she had no clue who Van Halen was.

Some people were apparently annoyed about that, and then a lot more people got annoyed about the people getting annoyed about that, prompting a memefest and Van Halen to trend at No. 1 on Twitter for several hours.

Warren also addressed a clip that recently went viral showing her emotional response to a young voter who asked whether she’d dealt with not being accepted by people in her life whom she looked up to.

“I could see her face, and as she started this question I knew that she was in the middle of something tough. Someone she respected didn’t approve of where she was,” she said, explaining that it reminded her of an experience she’d had with her own mother when she was younger.

And in case you were wondering, the president she most admires is Franklin Roosevelt.

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