Jimmy Kimmel

The two-time Oscar winner might deserve an award for self-awareness.
Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and others all highlighted the funniest parts of the debate.
“G.I. Shmo” comes with a “spray-on beard, a pile of daddy’s money and a helicopter to shoot elephants from.”
Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert chimed in on the latest controversies engulfing the president.
"I think this is why he’s so obsessed with the Space Force."
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host thinks the president has a little bit too much time on his hands.
They were supposed to be taunting students, but maybe that wasn't the way to go.
Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel each dissected Trump's response to the storm that struck the Bahamas.
The FCC hit the network with the six-figure penalty after its late-night show misused the wireless emergency alert tone.
The Democratic presidential candidate got into their nail salon Q&A more than you can imagine.
The host took priceless digs at the president for saying, "If you’re wealthy, it doesn’t matter. I just want to do a great job.”
The annual event attracted all shapes and sizes — but the biggest splash was unmistakable.
The host zinged the president's cozy pen pal correspondence with the North Korean dictator and his Sharpie-written letters to Justin Trudeau.
The comedian told Jimmy Kimmel her pop "did not support it at all" — and she wasn't kidding.
The talk show's on-the-street stunt turned up the degree of difficulty.
The talk show host zinged the Twitter-challenged leader on his latest gaffe.