Jimmy Kimmel

The late night host had some blunt advice for the indicted former president.
The late night host spotted a desperate "last ditch" move by Trump to save himself from the grand jury.
The goofy celebrity feud seemed headed toward a video-call truce, but technology.
Even some of the ex-president's longtime defenders seem to be done with him.
The late night host had the receipts on the ex-president's Texas rally.
The late night host said the ex-president is clearly getting nervous ahead of a potential indictment.
The late night host has some unsolicited advice for the former president.
The late-night host has the question that's on many minds.
The late-night host shows how the ex-president's legal problems are due to his own stupidity.
The Oscars quip about the late actor, who was acquitted in the killing of his wife, was "not funny," said son Noah Blake.