Jimmy Kimmel

The late night host pointed out a hilarious irony in the new memoir by the former counselor to Trump.
Colbert uses a popular Kimmel segment against him after the late-night host contracted COVID-19 for a second time.
John Mulaney and Andy Samberg filled in for the late-night host, who is battling COVID-19 for a second time this month.
The show that launched "Mean Tweets" is diving into the next level of social media hell with "Nextdoor Theatre."
Jimmy Kimmel's "Nextdoor Theatre" features celebs recreating Nextdoor drama.
Jimmy Kimmel's "Nextdoor Theatre" features celebrities recreating Nextdoor drama.
The late-night host says GOP lawmakers might want to be more careful when it comes to privacy rights.
The late-night host dismantled an absurd argument made on the Senate floor.
Trump's newest claim doesn't look good in light of his past comments.
The late-night host explains why this Trump claim can't possibly be true.