Jimmy Kimmel

They weren't afraid to comment about fictional misdeeds of the famous in street interviews.
The late night host turned one of the GOP's favorite talking points right back at them.
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host checked in with the fake Mike Lindell and things got weird in a hurry.
Jeffrey Epstein wasn't on the California recall ballot, but that didn't matter to this bunch.
The late-night host quickly dismisses the GOP's latest claims of election fraud.
The former president spoke about the late-night host... but Kimmel says he got some key details very, very wrong.
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host also spotted the Pence line that may make ex-President Donald Trump "very angry."
The late night host called it "the least surprising thing" he's ever heard about the former guy.
Barrymore, who starred as a child in "E.T.," described the "circle of life moment" to Jimmy Kimmel.
The radio icon called anti-vaxxers "imbeciles" and urged them to stop clogging the hospitals.