Jimmy Kimmel

The Oscar-winning actor told Jimmy Kimmel her Southern accent got in the way.
“Oh my goodness, was the president just honest for a second?” the comedian asked about Trump's Pennsylvania rally comments.
The "Scream Queens" star told Jimmy Kimmel that she bought her mother an iPhone and "it was a disaster."
"Would a mute button even work on Donald Trump?" the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host asked.
Comics mocked President Donald Trump for shifting rising COVID-19 cases onto the nation’s leading infectious disease expert.
The host riffed on a TV mixup that gave a Trump campaign rally a far more sinister title.
From a COVID-19 inspection and conspiracy theories to a "liquid release" test and a pants-swap.
With marijuana sales soaring during the pandemic, the late night host sussed out the stoned and the sober on Hollywood Boulevard.
The late-night host doesn't hold back over NBC's decision to host Trump at the same time as an already-scheduled Biden event on ABC.