Jimmy Fallon's #MyFirstApartment Tweets Prove You Should Never Leave Home

Mom and Dad, we're baaaaacccckkkkkk!

What's the point of moving out of your parents' house?

To grow up and be your own person? To prove to your friends that you know how to do your own laundry? To avoid living in your parents' basement for your whole life?

Forget that noise. 

Spoiler alert: you're pretty much always going to be the same person, and now all your clothes are shrunk. Nice one. And if we're talking about a finished basement here, what the hell are you even doing? 

Plus, to top it all off, first apartments usually stink (physically and metaphorically). To prove it, Jimmy Fallon asked for your best apartment horror stories using #MyFirstApartment, and these will probably make that basement sound pretty good.

Mom ... Dad ... we're baaaaaccckkkk!

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