Jimmy Kimmel Has Eric Trump-Themed Answer To Donald Trump’s Money Woes

The late-night host also suggested another embarrassing way the former president could make bond on his courtroom fines.

Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday took a swipe at Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, as he suggested just how the former president could cover his mounting courtroom fines.

The late-night host noted how Republican 2024 front-runner Trump needs to “come up with the full $454 million penalty or a bond to cover it” if he wants to appeal his civil fraud ruling in New York.

“In other words, a man who became famous for never paying anyone back has to convince a bonding company he will definitely pay them back, and it’s not happening,” said Kimmel.

“He owes like a whole Powerball Lottery jackpot,” he continued. “He may very well have to sell off his properties to cover it. But that’s a worst-case scenario.”

So, Trump’s “first move is to see how much he can get for Eric on Craigslist,” joked Kimmel. “He has him listed in the ‘Tools’ section.”

Kimmel later proposed another way forward for the four-times-indicted Trump.

“Wouldn’t it be great if Trump has to sell Mar-a-Lago to some billionaire liberal?” he asked. “Maybe Oprah-Lago would be a solution?”

Watch the video here:

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