Joe Biden Asked 5 'Presidents' For SOTU Advice — But Not Who You'd Expect

Spoiler alert: They did not disappoint.

President Joe Biden decided to prepare for Thursday’s State of the Union speech by picking the brains of five former “presidents” for wisdom they learned on the job.

However, his choice of chief executives was a little unconventional.

Instead of checking in with, say, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, Biden chose to ask five former “presidents” from film and TV.

In a Thursday tweet accompanied by a video, Biden wrote: “You may’ve heard I’ve got a big speech coming up. So, I thought I would hear from some folks who have done the job before — sort of.”

Biden’s presidential panel included Morgan Freeman, who played the POTUS in the 1998 disaster flick “Deep Impact”; Bill Pullman, the president in 1996’s “Independence Day”; Geena Davis, from the 2005 series “Commander in Chief”; Michael Douglas, from 1995’s “The American President”; and Tony Goldwyn, from “Scandal.”

Each of the “Hollywood presidents” went along with the bit, making jokey references to the challenges they faced when they were “in office.”

Freeman admitted Biden may have a harder road ahead of him than he did during the “Deep Impact” administration: “All I had to deal with was a meteor!”

Pullman concurred, noting that he also had it easier since an alien invasion “tends to unify people.”

Meanwhile, Goldwyn admitted his presidential character “behaved very badly in a lot of situations,” while Davis noted that when she was on the job, “it seemed like every week, there was some new crisis that I had to face.”

Douglas said his biggest life lesson as “president” was the importance of “having a loving partner,” and he suggested Biden dance with his wife, Jill Biden, in the East Room after his speech.

You can see the roundtable in the video below.

Many people gave the video a vote of approval:

But some Trump supporters weren’t as amused.

Other people wondered where their own favorite fictional presidents were. (“West Wing” fans seemed especially put out.)

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