John Stamos Showcases His Sleazy Side in <i>Law & Order: SVU</i>

John Stamos showcased some great acting in hisappearance, especially during an interrogation scene with Chris Meloni when he talked about his natural male urge to procreate.
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Full disclosure: I've never watched an episode of Law & Order in my entire life. Not one. And frankly, I never had any plans to. That is until... John Stamos guest-starred! That's right -- there's no way your resident expert on all things Stamos, aka me, the other Stamos, was going to miss one of Uncle Jesse's primetime TV appearances. And what an appearance it was! Due to the graphic nature of the episode (is Law & Order: SVU always this twisted?) this isn't going to be a "Stamos on Stamos" on par with the reviews of John as Dr. Carl on Glee, but let's take a look at how he fared showing his serious side.

The episode was pretty Stamos-heavy, and from the get-go the former Uncle Jesse showed his sleazy side as a "reproductive abuser" -- a guy who's obsessed with impregnating women (blech!). As rich guy Ken Turner, Stamos excelled at simultaneously playing dumb and playing creep. It was fun to see Stamos in this sort of role, as a Wall Street smooth-talker who relies on his charm to coerce women into sleeping with him, and thanks to some shady business of poking holes in condoms he impregnates more than a few. At first Detectives Elliot Stabler (Chris Meloni) and Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) thought it was about 20 women who'd given birth to his children and then it was revealed the number was more than twice that -- 47! This dude fathered 47 kids! Yeah that qualifies as a reproductive abuser alright -- and also -- that's messed up! I miss Uncle Jesse!

Stamos showcased some great acting, especially during an interrogation scene with Chris Meloni when he talked about his natural male urge to procreate. Ken Turner was definitely sick in the head, thinking he made the world a better place with his progeny. During this exchange we got one of Stamos' best lines, "I'm an Aztec leader of 4000 concubines." In your dreams, Uncle Jesse!

Fortunately, creepy Ken didn't last long -- because about 45 minutes in (SPOILER ALERT!) Stamos' character showed up dead, filleted like a fish by a scuba diving knife. The ending was really something, so much so that John Stamos himself tweeted a picture of the final scene yesterday morning.

What did you guys think? Did you like seeing John Stamos take on a different role or would you prefer to see him in lighter fare? Anyone still holding out for a Dr. Carl reappearance on Glee? And now that he's completed what seems to be this television season's run of guest-starring roles, what do you want to see next from Stamos? Personally, I'd love to see him competing in some sort of reality competition show -- maybe one where he and another Stamos travel the country and compete in bizarre local competitions to constantly outcool each other -- think Stamos vs. Stamos: Road Trip America! That sounds epic, right? Right? Just me?

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