Jon Stewart Destroys Fox News For Reveling In Scott Brown Win (VIDEO)

Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts has made for a variety of moods and responses coming from cable news. Jon Stewart mocked the atmosphere of Fox News last night, comparing the network to someone trying really hard to hide an erection and intercutting their reaction with clips of the phallic Shake Weight.

Stewart went on to note that Fox News anchors seemed to be reveling in the fact that Scott Brown and his family are becoming celebrities. Pointing out the hypocrisy of this, he recapped what Fox News has thought of political celebs in the past, as the network has repeatedly bashed Obama for being a celebrity, rather than an experienced politician.

Adding that Fox News apparently differentiates between what celebrities are acceptable for politics, Stewart "agreed," jokingly describing the two types:

"The elitist scum who prey on the dreams of real of Americans. And the ones you agree with."


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