3...2...1... Watch!

Brilliant young filmmaker and animator Joshua Frankel has created a new animated short called "Plan of the City," premiering this Friday at Le Poisson Rouge. It features the architecture of New York City, with the NOW Ensemble performing alongside the Empire State Building and MetLife Tower in the film and live on Friday night as well. You'll be riveted as familiar buildings launch into space, destroying old foundations and breaking new ground on Mars -- and I assure you, I am not writing euphemistically.

By Joshua Frankel.

"Plan of the City" is a 13-minute animated collage. It borrows, ever-so-elegantly, a few style points from Dada and, quite literally, rockets them into the future. POTC will merge with "Change," a new piece by composer (and curator of the much-acclaimed Ecstatic Music Festival) Judd Greenstein at the LPR event. "Change" and "POTC" will form a "living, breathing entity," says Greenstein. Friday will be the premiere of "Change" as well.

Just as old buildings make new homes in Frankel's film, this project seems to forge new ground in the old and well-loved territory of music video production. It's not the style of music you usually pair with a narrative music video, and it is meant to stand alone from the live performance as well as accompany it. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., and the event starts at 7:30 p.m. There will also be new compositions from Missy Mazzoli and Matmos. It will truly be a night for the familiar to become new again -- an ideal way to begin spring.

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