The Case For Letting Your Child Eat Junk Food Once In A While

This mom is challenging conventional wisdom about healthy eating in a big way.

Charlotte Markey, a health psychology professor at Rutgers University and author of “Smart People Don’t Diet,” explained to HuffPost Live why letting kids indulge in something sweet once in a while could be actually be healthy.

“If we try to restrict too heavily we end up with kids really craving all that junk food,” Markey told host Caitlyn Becker.

In some cases, strictly controlling your child’s junk food intake can have adverse health effects, she added.

“They actually end up being more likely to be overweight when they’re older,” Markey said. “So although I certainly don’t want my kids to eat junk food [and] I don’t think its a great thing, I do think that making it forbidden fruit is bound to cause more problems in the long run.”

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation here:

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