Justin Bieber Might Not Actually Know The Lyrics To 'Despacito'

The singer replaced words with things like "I quit smoking ciggies" during an NYC performance.

Justin Bieber might need to brush up on his Spanish.

The Canadian singer remixed Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s global hit “Despacito” last month. The new version shot to the top of the U.S. charts last week and became the first Spanish-language song to be No. 1 in the country since the “Macarena.”

The remix marked the first time Bieber had sung in Spanish on a track. And according to E! News, he appeared to forget some of the lyrics to the hit song during a performance at the 1 Oak nightclub in New York City on Tuesday.

Videos of when Bieber replaces Spanish lyrics with intelligible sounds or phrases like “I quit smoking ciggies” surfaced on Instagram on Wednesday. TMZ also posted a video of the performance.

During an interview with AOL Build, Fonsi explained that the remix came out quite suddenly and was recorded in the span of about four days. The Puerto Rican singer also said that Bieber had insisted on singing in Spanish and learned the lyrics phonetically.

“He wanted to sing the chorus in Spanish, we had lyrics for the whole song in English but he’s like ‘uh uh uh’ I’m doing it in español,” Fonsi said during the live interview on May 17. “He went there and he learned phonetically ‘Despacito.’ He did his thing, let me tell you.”

Watch Bieber do his thing in the videos above.