21-Year-Old Adult Throws Hissy Fit

What do Ü mean, Justin?

So Justin Bieber, 21, is supposedly different now. Cool, even. That’s what the papers say anyway. Got some cool songs, one of which actually includes the “word” “Ü.” Was the basis of a black-and-white New York Times video that people in the know liked.

For the non-Beliebers out there -- and there are at least 273,968 of us -- it can all be a bit disconcerting. After all, if Bieber isn’t lame anymore, where can we redirect the pain and suffering we previously bottled up and left on Bieber’s digital doorstep?

Luckily, there need not be answer to that question. FOR JUSTIN IS STILL BIEBER AS WE HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN HIM TO BE.

During a stop at the “Today” show Thursday, Bieber said all the right things when he knew the world was listening to him. He is just so happy to finally be appreciated once again. It took some “soul searching,” but he’s back. Yes, he’d love to play the Super Bowl with Taylor Swift, etc. 

But after his performance of “What Do You Mean?” concluded, something wonderful happened. Something truly, beautifully Bieber-esque.

"Next time I won't dance because the camera's right here the whole time. Might as well not dance,” he said to someone before going into what was really more of a whine. "What do I do this for if they're just gonna..." And scene. The whole thing was picked up. Perfection.

Lots of media outlets are reporting this as if we know it was a hot mic incident. And sure, it’s possible. But isn’t it equally possible Bieber knew the mic was on and decided to complain to the world anyway? Or would that be too perfect? 


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