Justin Timberlake Offers Weirdest Apology For His Left And Right Foot

The singer encouraged Washington, D.C., fans to do the "Beat Ya Feet" dance but flopped in his own attempt.

Justin Timberlake is apologizing for his dancing skills after his grooves, along with his khakis, were clowned by Twitter users this week.

Timberlake, the former ’N Sync star known for hits like “SexyBack,” got grilled online for an attempt at the “Beat Ya Feet” dance during his appearance at Pharrell’s “Something in the Water” festival in Washington, D.C., on Sunday.

The dance Timberlake attempted, according to DCist, is a “series of three-step moves and a bounce” that comes from the D.C. area and its funky go-go music scene.

After Timberlake attempted the dance, however, Twitter users were not having it while others were quick to question his swag for wearing “Old Navy” khakis.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser even jokingly asked if she should consider a mayoral pardon for the singer.

Timberlake, via his Instagram Stories on Wednesday, offered two reasons for his apology to D.C.: his left foot and his right foot.

“I had a long talk with both of [my feet] individually and said ‘don’t you ever do that to me again,’” Timberlake said.

“Maybe it was the khakis, it was a real khaki vibe.”

You can watch Timberlake’s full apology below.

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