Man In Underwear Interrupts CNBC Stock Segment Because... Live TV

Finance expert Karen Firestone had an unexpected co-star in her "Squawk Box" interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Financial pundit Karen Firestone has written that we may already be in a recession. But on CNBC Monday, the Aureus Asset Management CEO was unexpectedly upstaged by a bare market. (Watch the video below.)

As Firestone talked stocks in a remote interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin on “Squawk Box,” a man in his underwear walked behind her in the frame.

Neither Sorkin nor Firestone immediately acknowledged the unexpected intrusion, the New York Post reported.

Sorkin referred to barking heard earlier in the exchange and Firestone said the dog was excited.

Neither had commented on the blooper on Twitter as of early Tuesday morning. Firestone, who is a former HuffPost contributor, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Chalk up another one to the quirky unpredictability of live Zoom-style media chats.

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