Keith O'Brien, PR Week Editor-in-Chief, Jumps Ship For PR Firm


Editor's Note: The following is the first post by Keith O'Brien explaining why he's leaving PRWeek to join Attention. Keith starts at Attention on April 29th.

For the last five years, I have worked at PRWeek, where I most recently held the title editor-in-chief. My decision to leave the publication for a position at Attention reflects in part my belief that the public relations industry is fundamentally changing. People no longer solely consume top-down media, they create and share their own. This explosion in content, coupled with the finite amount of consumer attention, means brands must figure out new, creative ways to communicate. It is an exciting time for media and marketing, and I'd like be involved directly.

I saw this change happen firsthand at PRWeek, both through our ongoing coverage of social media campaigns and also as we engaged with our core audience through the blogging, Facebook, and Twitter. I learned, as all publications now must, that your job does not end when your article is published. You must actively engage.

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