Kellyanne Conway '100%' Agrees With Kellyanne Conway On 'Modern Feminism'

We'd roll our eyes, but Conway would probably call that sexist, too.

It seems everyone’s favorite spinner, Kellyanne Conway, has jokes.

The White House counselor is very active on Twitter, much like President Donald Trump, and recently responded to a Fox News tweet about her in a cheeky way.

The news organization’s tweet featured a quote and a photograph of Conway that depicted her views on “modern feminism.” Additionally, the tweet posed the question to followers: “Do you agree with @KellyannePolls?”

The quote isn’t particularly accurate and is certainly a matter of opinion. For one, people don’t “look right past” sexist comments about conservative women. Also, considering Conway has said before that she believes the media is more sexist than Trump, the quote needs to be taken with allllll the grains of salt.

Conway, naturally, agrees with her own words, but to really hammer that point home, she tweeted this show of support to ... uh ... herself:

So, there you have it. Conway fully supports Conway. Glad that’s been sorted out.



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