Kendra Wilkinson Thinks Miley Cyrus Is A Really Great Role Model

Kendra Wilkinson may not be your typical cookie cutter mom. After all, she gained fame as Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner's girlfriend and star of "The Girls Next Door," but that doesn't mean she isn't thinking ahead about how to raise and inspire her children.

E! News caught up with Wilkinson, who is mother to four–year–old Hank and currently pregnant with a girl, at the launch party for Jennifer Love Hewitt's maternity clothing line, to ask about motherhood and the influences of … well … Miley Cyrus.

Wilkinson was quick to defend Cyrus' controversial antics. "As much as we think she's crazy, I think she's a good example," she said. "Let's not be so trapped in a box. I'm going to teach my daughter that way: be who you want to be. Society's going to put these rules on you but if you have this feeling that you need to do whatever it is, do it."

"Now, I'm not saying drugs," the reality star clarified.

While Wilkinson's defense may come as a shock to the protective parents of the world, she holds to her point that every child has to come of age and define his or herself.

As far as Miley ever posing for Playboy is concerned, Wilkinson explained, "she doesn't need to."

The young mother sparked controversy last year when she told HuffPost Live that she would be fine with her daughter posing for the men's magazine, as long as she was in the right "mental place."



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