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7 Kids Share Their Adorable Dream Outdoor Family Adventures

We asked kids from around the country what they would do and where they would go if they could choose any outdoor adventure with their family. Their answers were cute -- and heavy on imagination.

Just in time for warm weather and school vacation, we partnered with eBay to ask kids from around the country what they would do and where they would go if they could choose any outdoor adventure with their family. Their answers were cute, and simple: for these kiddos, adventures don't have to be lavish -- time spent outside with family is exciting simply because they're spending it with the people they love most (though a little scuba diving never hurts, but only if there are no dragons!). Check out their answers, and add your own favorite family outdoor moment in the comments!

1. Clocked Outcampfire familyImage: Sola Deo Gloria via Getty Images

"If I could take any adventure, I would go camping" says 6-year-old Kira from Tampa, Florida. "You can do so many activities outside, like biking, and, at night, roasting marshmallows to make s'mores. But Kira's favorite part of the outdoors? "I love being outside with my family because it means no one is working!"

2. The Wild LifeslothImage: Juan Carlos Vindas via Getty Images

Hayden (6) is nothing if not adventurous. "I would go to South America because I love the tropics," the Los Angeles native says. "Also I would love to see jaguars and monkeys and sloths!" He adds: It's fun to be outside with my family because we can help each other see stuff, like hawks and lizards."

3. A Deep Divedragon underwaterImage: Shin Okamoto via Getty Images

Cooper from Oak Park, Illinois, hasn't been scuba diving before, but stories of his mom snorkeling pique his interest. If the 6-year-old could have any outdoor adventure, he would go scuba diving and discover the things his mommy likes in the ocean, like "jellyfish, shark, turtles, fish and dragons!" Cooper says. Of course, scuba diving would require one to be careful: "Actually, no scuba diving if there are dragons!"

4. Dressing Accordinglyebay shortsImage: Altrendo Images via Getty Images

"When we're spending time together as a family outdoors, it reminds me about how much I am loved," says 6-year-old Savannah from Millburn, New Jersey, whose dream outdoor trip is to travel to Japan to see red-faced monkeys. But for Savannah, the best part of being outside isn't the creatures, it's the comfort: "When I'm outside, I just feel good because I get to wear shorts," she says.

5. Free Wheelinggirl on swingsImage: Blend Images - Inti St Clair via Getty Images Anna (9) adores alfresco adventures, but the Manhattanite's love of the concrete jungle rivals her fondness for the jungle gym. The Big Apple native wants to go to Barcelona, where her teacher visited over break, and ride bikes with her family to see the pretty buildings and big churches. However, the urbanite's Italian heritage also appeals to her travel fever. "I think Italy would be my number one. Because first of all, my dad is a little bit Italian and also I heard it's really beautiful and I want to go there," Anna explains. "Being with my family is the best because, when we're all together, we can go to the park and play," she says. "And we can go on the swings!"

6. Happier Togetherchild playing toys on beachImage: JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Parents, take note: the key to a successful outdoor odyssey is toys, according to 7-year-old Virginian Haelie. "I would like to go to the beach, or maybe to see the [California] redwoods and walk through them. I'd love to go to a cave! It would be funny if we found a dinosaur in there, except they aren't around anymore or maybe some crystals, don't you think?" says Haelie. And both adventures are better when she can do them with family. As the Leesburg native puts it: "I like being outside because, when it's nice out, we can bring toys outside and play with everyone. It makes it more special to play with my family because everyone is happier together."

7. "All The Snacks"

route 66Image: Fotosearch via Getty Images Hays (4) from Tarrytown, New York, is quick to note that the absence of work, TV and computers makes spending time outside with family extra special. But one other ingredient is essential: good eats. Of his dream vacation, Hays says, "I would ride in a camp truck on Route 66 where Lightning McQueen is from. We can eat s'mores, sleep in a tent, look for shooting stars. Oh, and make an egg on a fire. And hot chocolate before bed in my firetruck sleeping bag ... and Mom says no phones, too. And all the snacks."

You heard it out of the mouths of babes: it's time to get outside. Find all the outdoorsy gear, games and fun you need for a family outing on eBay, your one-stop shop for all your outdoor adventures.

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