Kim Gordon Chosen As The January Edition Of The Artist Of The Month Club 2013 (PHOTO)

And The Artist Of The Month Is...

Would you like to receive an artwork in the mail made exclusively by a member of Sonic Youth? Well, here's your chance: The Artist of the Month Club, an art-by-subscription project launched by INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, has announced that its January 2013 edition is none other than Ms. Kim Gordon.

kim gordon artist
Kim Gordon, Denim Mini, from The Boyfriend Experience series, 2013, Archival Pigment Print, 30 x 20 inches, Edition of 50 + 10 APs (January Curator: Bengala)

The bass player has been a visual artist and curator since the 1980s, exhibiting her work in the US, Europe and Japan. She is the first artist in AMC's 2013 lineup to provide a piece of art exclusively to the project's 50 subscribers. Like past years, the artwork -- which can take any size or form-- arrives by mail, accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

The 11 other artists who will fill up AMC's calendar were chosen by a list of monthly curators that include Karen Archey, Bengala, Jonathan Berger, Deborah Brown, Jamie Cohen Hort, Adam Lindeman, Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Christy MacLear, Rebecca Morse, Aaron Moulton, Risa Needleman.

In the meantime, check out a slideshow of Kim Gordon snapshots and let us know what you think of her AMC art in the comments section. And if you're willing to spend $200 a month ($2,400/year) on a subscription, check out the unique art service here.

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Kim Gordon

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