Kim Kardashian Might Get Twitter To Add An Edit Feature

Celebs make typos, too.

Just like us normals, Kim Kardashian gets super annoyed when she has to delete a tweet due to a typo. 

She took up the cause in an email to Twitter, and alerted followers to her plan on Friday. 

 Soon after, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey responded.

To be honest, it seems highly improbable that Twitter hasn't considered this before. They likely have their reasons behind not making the feature available. (Someone substantially changing text of a tweet after it's favorited, RT'd or replied to could create problems, for example.)

But ... good business move to get on the Kardashian side of things! The family is pretty influential on the platform (and the rest of us sometimes make spelling errors, too).

Imagine a world where you'd never have to decide between sacrificing a fave and correcting grammar again.