LaMichael Fanning Slams Russell Hansbrough: Alabama Lineman's Brutal Tackle Against Missouri (VIDEO)

If Alabama defensive lineman LaMichael Fanning doesn't reach the NFL, he may have a future in professional wrestling.

With less than three minutes remaining in a game dominated by Alabama on Saturday, Fanning delivered a brutal body slam to (a noticeably smaller) Missouri running back that might have even made Nick Saban cringe.

Missouri ran the ball on a first down and Fanning -- listed at 6'7", 298-pounds -- bear-hugged Russell Hansbrough from behind before slamming the 185-pound freshman headfirst over his massive frame.

The dangerous hit was flagged for a 15-yard personal foul penalty and shocked both CBS broadcasters, who speculated that Fanning could be suspended. Luckily, Hansbrough appeared to be fine and picked up four yards on the very next play.

Maybe next time Fanning can try his moves on someone a bit more experienced.

UPDATE: According to Dave Matter of the Columbia Daily Tribune, Alabama coach Nick Saban called Missouri coach Gary Pinkel to apologize for the body slam, while Fanning emailed an apology.