Lana Condor And Anthony De La Torre Are Engaged: 'The Easiest Decision I've Ever Made'

The "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" actor said her longtime beau proved himself "truly thoughtful" with the design choice for her stunning ring.

After a fairy-tale romance that feels as if it were made for the movies, Lana Condor is bound for matrimony.

The star of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” confirmed Friday that she and boyfriend Anthony De La Torre had gotten engaged after six years of dating.

“Saying YES was the easiest decision I’ve ever made,” Condor wrote on Instagram, alongside a series of stunning engagement photos and a short video of the proposal. “I consider myself the absolute luckiest woman alive to live in your sphere. Aside from my father, without a doubt, you are the greatest man in the world.”

Alluding to the Seattle-based couple’s two dogs, she added, “Emmy & Timmy said it’s about time mommy & daddy got engaged!!!”

De La Torre, a musician and actor who appeared in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” shared similar sentiments on his Instagram account.

“That moment when you ask your best friend to be by your side forever… I’ve wanted to do this for six years,” he wrote. “The easiest decision I’ve ever made was to ask this angel to be my wife.”

Later in the post, De La Torre revealed he’d worked with Paris Jewellers of Canada on designing Condor’s engagement ring. He said he opted for a Vietnamese company in a nod to his bride-to-be’s heritage.

Lana Condor and Anthony De La Torre, shown here in 2020, have been together since meeting at a party in 2015.
Lana Condor and Anthony De La Torre, shown here in 2020, have been together since meeting at a party in 2015.
Young Hollywood via Getty Images

The design choice did not go unnoticed by Condor, who wrote, “The fact he knew how important it was to me that he’d collaborate with a Vietnamese company to help design my ring is a testament to just how truly thoughtful he always is.”

Condor and De La Torre began dating in 2015 after meeting at a party for Emmy Award nominees.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan U.K. in 2020, the actor referred to her beau as “the freaking best” and went on to share a few of his most romantic gestures.

“He writes me love letters all the time,” she said. “He’ll leave me little messages taped to my bathroom mirror on days I have to wake up early for work. He once picked up my favorite take-out food after work and served it up properly on our kitchen table, with little sticky notes attached to each plate saying how proud of me he is.”

That same year, she praised De La Torre for folding her pajamas and tucking them under her pillow each day, which she described as “the biggest expression of love.”

“That’s so much better than, I don’t know, a hot air balloon,” she told Self.

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