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Attract Anything You Want Through Focused Intention?

If you want to begin to change something in your life, change the way you look at it. See contrast or a bad life situation as an opportunity to pivot, to move in a direction of your new desire.
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There are three main pillars that form the law of attraction (LOA) on which the process is based. First is desire, which comes from contrast, as we have discussed in last weeks' HuffPost article -- changing your thinking to view negative life situations as potential opportunities. You naturally ask for things that you have not yet experienced, and you also ask for change when something feels bad or in contrast with your desire.

The second LOA is attention. Desires lead to attention, which can also be called an intention. Attention gives you a push to gather all the energy that goes in conscious manifesting of the desire.

The third pillar is belief. Beliefs are what strengthen your intention -- and if you have a firm belief in the manifestation process, the process goes as smoothly as a marshmallow melting on your tongue. There can be no resistance in the path of beliefs -- that is the key.

Emotions play a role here. Though they do not necessarily generate the desires, they are strong indicators of where you are going with your intention manifestation. They validate what you think or how you look at things. Because emotions do not create things, you can do well, theoretically, even intending from a neutral, emotionless state. That could put you in the nirvana achievers league. Being in a state of neutral emotion is difficult.

Much easier is:

  1. Observing whatever emotions you have in the now

  • Embracing them all
  • Focusing on the positive ones for better results
  • Determine what you do want out of the whole experience -- if you can add passion you will be adding fuel to the fire
  • Watch your emotions at this time -- if they are extremely negative, you are not moving in the direction of what you want in your life. Having too much negativity out of contrast is a pointer to what you do not want. Positive emotions, in contrast, will often serve as a pointer toward what experiences you want to manifest, neither being washed away in contrast nor going too extreme on the gradient of negative feeling. These, when in balance, are a sign that you are using contrast in the best way you can.

    Once you realize that you are a being of spiritual energy, the desires that are stirred up within you will be continually answered by the universe. You desire it, and the need is answered -- a process eternally repeating. To achieve this state of desire-fulfillment, we need to concern ourselves with the consciousness with which we come to each moment and how our minds process those moments. If we bring resistance, then we block fulfillment of our desires.

    Our emotions and feelings are our guide. These minute sequences of events are chock-full of information. This information comes in the form of feelings, mostly negative, but feelings and emotions that now became memes or foundational processes for my future thinking about life. As you begin to observe these thoughts, you begin to see synchronicity. You can then begin to see correlations to how thoughts manifest themselves into our physical reality.

    Negative situations relabeled as contrast now become the mile marker for a change in thinking, a pivot in one's desires vs. a bad or static event. The pivot in thinking leads to a change in behavior, which leads toward manifestation of a new outcome. I love contrast -- it takes me into the dynamic process of flow vs. resistive thinking that holds us frozen. Contrast can feel bad sometimes, but it is from contrast that we create growth and movement.

    Contrast has taught me a lot. It taught me to desire, to ask for things yet un-manifested. It kept visiting me with the scroll of new things that I can put a conscious intention on. I had so many options! I loved it. It gave me the thrill of successfully manifesting my wishes, small and large. It also taught me that labeling a desire as big or small is in reality just a measure of how ready you are to accept the desires manifested. It gave me sort of a measuring tape to keep a check on my resistance, to allowing things to come in my life and a record of my consciousness.

    If you want to begin to change something in your life, change the way you look at it. See contrast or a bad life situation as an opportunity to pivot, to move in a direction of your new desire. Use contrast as a seed for change. Once you see what you do not like, begin to search for an intention, declare a path and then allow the universe to do the work -- detach from the outcome.

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