Let's Guess how Hannity will Politicize Gibson's Drunken Anti-Semitism

The Lord of Loud who says he is most nauseated from Democrats politicizing the Iraq war is the one who politicizes everything: Sean Hannity. And Mel Gibson's little run in with the Malibu gendarmes is another perfect example of just how politicizingly divisive Sean Hannity can be.

The moment the story hit the wires Friday, Sean wanted to know how differently Gibson would be treated, setting up, without any of the details, what you know had to be a Patrickt/Ted Kennedy reference to what Sean had milked for a couple weeks when Patrick Kennedy was caught driving under the influence: The left inebriates gets softer and more loverly care from the Liberal/Elite/Mainstream Media™.

There shouldn't be a doubt that Gibson's DUI and, in fact, any alcoholism is anything but political, but my guess is that it won't stop Sean from finding something in the story to ding the Left with.

Keep in mind, this is the same Sean Hannity who when confronted by a caller that his hiccuping every time he says Ted Kennedy's name is an offensive and sophomoric reference to Kennedy's drinking problem, told his audience that he never knew Kennedy had a drinking problem; that he hicupped only to make fun of Kennedy's stuttering speech pattern. Seriously. Not even his most loyal callers bought that.

But it does set up an interesting potential for Sean's TV and radio broadcasts today. With what seems like a bit of some fiddling with the police report, deleting Gibson's most abusive and anti-Semetic remarks, how will he spin the story?

Here are some possibilities....

1. Bring on Jackie Mason, David Horowitz and Joe Lieberman to discuss how Gibson's Jew-hating thunder was only the liquor talking.

2. Ask Newt Gingrich if this is World War III against the Christians?

3. "Patrick Kennedy hit a barrier. What did Gibson hit?"

3A. "Ted 'Hiccup' Kennedy drowned a girl. Who did Gibson drown?

4. "Tell me you wouldn't hit 85MPH on PCH if you had the chance."

5. The Hollywood Left™ is all over Gibson for a couple of drunken anti-Semitic comments, yet had nothing to say when the Jews killed Christ.

6. Set up his broadcast outside Gibson's rehab center.

7. "At least he didn't Cut and Run™."

8. Five words: Torture chambers and rape rooms.

9. Tits do taste like sugar.

The possibilities are endless, but I'm going with...

"Let's wait until all the facts are in." This is Sean's favorite tact when it looks like bad news for the Right. When there's an inkling that a Democrat might be involved in something nefarious, he's willing to wait until he gets on the air.

Well, that's my guess. Let's see what Sean does with it. But here's one you can take to the bank. Sean won't be hiccuping every time he says Gibson's name.

(Note: Thanks to all to reminded me that I originally placed Robert instead of Patrick...Warning: Don't Drink and Write)

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