Let's Talk About The Difference Between Intensity and Consistency

It’s no secret that we’ve reached the peak of instant gratification in society. The combination of our deeply polarized political differences and accessibility to social media platforms have enabled people to surround themselves with opinion-fulfilling narratives and not look beyond those. It leaves folks rigid in thought. Rather than taking the time to understand why we feel like we do, we simply seek to confirm our feelings.

The truth is, a change in thought doesn’t come from a short tour of explosive and intense energy projected in the form of a Facebook rant. Consistency, says British author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek, is the key to long-lasting change. In this new video from The RSA, Sinek cautions of the dangers of intensity. He believes that short term bouts of high energy will actually change nothing in the long run. They’ll create an influx of self-fulfilling feelings about what we’ve achieved, but the achievement won’t last.

By creating a more organic understanding of consistency we can actually create lasting change in our lives, work and personal relationships. Consistency doesn’t always feel good, but it will keep you moving in a better direction.