LinkedIn Tips: 9 Things You Should Never Do On The Social Network For Professionals

We’ve all seen them: The LinkedIn profiles that make us cringe.

LinkedIn’s mission is to “connect the world’s professionals to enable them to be more productive and successful." Sorry folks, but this means solo cup pictures and baby photos are not appropriate for this social media site. What might be cute on Facebook just doesn’t cut it in the corporate world. In fact, the following digital mistakes could seriously injure your chances of landing the job you want.

A great rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t put it on a resume, or say it in an interview, then it’s probably not for LinkedIn either.

So take a look at the gallery (below) for 9 LinkedIn mistakes you shouldn't be making. Then, if needed, give your account a professional update to increase your chances of catching a recruiter's eye or of making an impression on the right employer. (Then, check out our slideshow of 13 tips that'll transform you into a LinkedIn pro.)

Did we leave any tips out? Let us know if you have other general LinkedIn rules in the comments section.

9 Things You Shouldn't Be Doing On LinkedIn
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