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Lipstick Queen's Vesuvius Liquid Lips Is The Creamy Lipstick Of My Dreams (PHOTOS)

If you know me, you know that one of my biggest obsessions has to be lipstick, and whenever I discover a new product, I have to at least try it. So when Lipstick Queen’s Vesuvius Liquid Lips fell into my hands, I couldn’t contain myself. I opened the packages immediately and surveyed each color carefully, because I’d be damned if I used a shade I didn’t like.

I went home with Coral and Blush, as I was going for extremes in brightness. And I must admit, I was a little nervous about the liquid formula because of past experiences with liquid luxuries (e.g. a super mishap with OCC Lip Tar at Sephora). The tube design is something very special. I expected the brush tip to bend, but to my surprise it was rigid, which I initially thought would be a bad thing because how is it supposed to glide across my lips?

Once I got around to actually wearing the Liquid Lips, I tried Blush first. I would describe this shade as a warmer nude, that actually looks like “my lips but better” color. Although it’s nice by itself, I could also use it as primer for brighter hues. This is when I learned that the stiff brush is perfect for precise application because it gives you more control of the product.

blush look lipstick queen

Next, I tried out the Coral, and when it first goes on, it resembles an almost neon orange, but dries down to a more subtle coral. Unlike the Blush shade, I had to be careful when twisting out the Coral color since it is more pigmented -- it can come out in a fast glob, so slow and steady is the key here. I did have to reapply later in the day, but I liked the moisturized feeling it leaves on my lips, and the cross between a glossy and creamy texture is definitely a good look.

coral lipstick queen

After testing the lipsticks, there are some things I have to keep in mind for the future (and you should too!). As mentioned, it’s better to slowly twist the applicators so you don’t waste product or apply too much product. Additionally, make sure your lips are exfoliated, as the liquid formula will magnify any dryness or flaky skin.

Finally, the Vesuvius Liquid Lips are great to use in combination with other lip products. I also applied the Coral on top of MAC’s So Chaud lipstick to give my orange lips long-lasting shine, while Blush has served as a base color for me.

Rating: 4 out of 5. I appreciate products that serve more than one purpose. Don't you?

*Lipstick Queen provided samples of these products for review purposes.

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