The 2 Things It Takes To Live A Rich Life Beyond 90

Do you realize how incredible you are to have gotten this far? You are only as old as you think you are. Now start a new page and enjoy the thought of what is possible. Thinking you can and you will! Go for the reality and clean up your act. You have everything you need and probably more than you need. Clutter is a retardant. Sparse is better and less is more. Exercise more than you think you should and don't allow fatigue to get in your way. Don't minimize a 20-minute lie down.

Take advantage of time and enjoy time itself. Enjoy time with yourself and enjoy the time getting to know you. Above all, enjoy time to like yourself. No looking or living ahead. The secret is now and not yesterday or tomorrow. Simply now. Simplify your life. It's hard to achieve, but beautiful to perceive and amazing to own.

Living beyond 90 can be a rich and a rewarding experience. It takes two kinds of energy; mental and physical. Be adventuresome, daring and childlike. It's your prerogative, your right and your time. The difference is not the number. The number is a devious device. It's not how much time I will have, it's how much better time I will have.

Clutter suffocates energy. It's easy to ignore it and do nothing physically and mentally. So simplify! The difference is a path to living creatively and adventurously. Those two words can turn your life around. Wake up and live or sit in that chair and do nothing! Enjoy the thought of what is possible. Then go for the reality! Thinking you will, you will!

Invent and simplify, that's the difference. It's not the number, so there's no need to slow down. The need is to use time in the richest and interesting way possible. I'm excited just thinking about it. I don't want to slow down. I want to accelerate! Put your foot on the pedal and go for it!

I'm close to 91. I changed my yoga pattern of practice from four times a week to six times a week. My desire for power and strength to allow me to do the exciting things physically and mentally possible is insatiable. You need the mental to do the physical. The word possible is the key! You will work harder, if you think it's possible. My advice to you is to create an adventure. One that suits your parameters. The difference is the possible, the credible, and yes, the doable. Not only does it sound good. It is good!

Be aware of the space between. Space between words and between thoughts. In music, between notes and phrases and in yoga the space between poses. Space gives you time and time nurtures. Barbra Streisand uses space between lyrics. When you use space between, you become aware of silence and with silence comes knowledge.

Using time and space to its fullest can lead to a creative and rich life. Simplification will create space and time between. It's not a secret, it's not a myth, it is real. So want the difference, desire it and know that it's there! Take action and you will make the difference. Your life is worth it!

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