'Low Line' Delancey Underground Starts Kickstarter Campaign (VIDEO)

'Low Line' Delancey Underground Starts Kickstarter Campaign

Fans of Dan Barasch and James Ramsey's Low Line project, which hopes to transform an abandoned trolley terminal in the Lower East Side into the world's first underground park, can now lend their support with a newly launched Kickstarter campaign.

The duo is hoping to raise a grand total of $100,000 and has assembled a video filled with awesome tech renderings of their potential 60,000 square feet (1.5 acres) unique installation to accompany the campaign.

The money will help finance a new technology that, "uses a system of optics to gather sunlight, concentrate it, and reflect it below ground."

As of Thursday, the project has already raised $15,768 from supporters.

Last November, the MTA appeared to give the project its unofficial seal of approval, when the agency's Peter Hine led a video tour of the abandoned space in order to attract awareness to the site.

Perhaps with enough publicity the Low Line will attract Barry Diller/DVF-type patrons (who generously gave $20 million donation to the High Line) to turn the Low Line's ambitions into a reality.

Watch the Barasch and Ramsey explain their awesome designs below:

Another preview:

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