'RHONY' Star Luann De Lesseps Sued By Ex-Husband, Children

The TV reality show performer is accused of failing to set up a trust for the kids as stipulated in her divorce.

The countess was hit with the suit on Thursday filed by former husband Count Alexandre de Lesseps and their grown children, Noel and Victoria de Lesseps. The three claim in court documents obtained by Radar Online that de Lesseps ignored a stipulation in her 2009 divorce settlement that she establish a trust fund for the kids, using half of the proceeds from the sale of the former couple’s home in Bridgehampton, Long Island. 

Instead, according to the suit, de Lesseps sold the home for $8 million in 2014, bought a  $3.1 million home for herself in Sag Harbor, and failed to establish the trust.

The lawsuit also accuses de Lesseps of threatening to sell her new house and take the money to buy another place for herself in upstate New York.

The suit asks the court to order de Lesseps to establish a trust and give the children a half interest in the Sag Harbor home. 

Bizarrely, de Lesseps recently posted a photo on social media of herself with the count at her Sag Harbor home, and gushed about their “greatest reunion ever” on July 4.

It’s been a tough year for de Lesseps. She was arrested in Florida last December on multiple charges, including disorderly intoxication and battery of a police officer, and spent time in rehab. The bust followed a painful divorce from cheating hubby Tom D’Agostino after just seven months of marriage.

But she was happily celebrating six months sobriety at her “greatest reunion” with her first ex-husband who just sued her.

There was no immediate response from de Lesseps to the lawsuit.

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