13 Books Nobody's Read But Says They Have (PHOTOS)

13 Books Nobody's Read But Says They Have (PHOTOS)

Books are a funny thing. For hundreds of years, reading has been considered one of the highest forms of enlightenment. Because of the meaning and value we ascribe to books, few things are as immediately impressive as a person's reading history.

That's why people lie.

"Oh yes, 'A Portrait Of The Artist'? A fine, fine book. '1984' is great, too."

The books considered "classics" are the biggest victims--after all, you can't impress your friends or a date if they haven't heard of the book.

So here are 13 books that people say they've read, but most actually haven't. Some people skimmed these a million years ago in school, others may have admirably attempted to read them but ultimately quit, and some people just flat-out lie.

How many have you "read"?

"The Canterbury Tales"

Books No One Actually Reads

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