'Mad Men' Stars Vincent Kartheiser, Rich Sommer Sell High-Speed Rail (VIDEO)

WATCH: How 'Mad Men' Would Sell High-Speed Rail

Reprising their characters from the hit series, "Mad Men," actors Vincent Kartheiser and Rich Sommer have teamed up with U.S. PIRG and Funny Or Die to voice their support for high-speed rail in America.

Ensconced in their usual roles of 1960's ad men, Kartheiser begins pitching his ideas for selling high-speed rail to Americans, and more specifically how to wean them off their cars.

"Why are you worrying about this?" Sommer responds. "Trains make sense. They're efficient, they're convenient, they're good for jobs. Hell, I'd rather take a train than fly or drive anywhere. We don't need to sell trains."

But despite President Obama's proposal for a 6-year, $53 billion spending plan toward high-speed rail, numerous politicians aren't on board. Some have made dramatic protests against the measures, like Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who rejected a last-ditch move by the Obama Administration to build a portion of a national high-speed rail system in his state, though California has said they would be more than happy to take the money that was allotted to the state.

According to the Environmental Law & Policy Center, high-speed trains through the Midwest would be three times as energy efficient as cars, and six times more efficient than planes, meaning cleaner air and less sprawl in addition to new jobs. A study on California's high-speed rail project by the Center for Urban Infrastructure estimated that it would reduce CO2 by half a billion pounds annually by 2035, in addition to adding 127,000 permanent jobs to southern California.

As Time's Bryan Walsh puts it, the U.S.'s outdated rail system is "a laughingstock compared with those in most other developed nations." China, for example, is investing over $300 billion to create more than 16,000 miles of high-speed rail by 2020.

See how the advertising gurus of "Mad Men" propose selling high-speed rail to America below, and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.


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