MaKey MaKey, Alligator-Clip Invention Kit, Requires No Programming (VIDEO)

Make A Controller Out Of Almost Anything!

A pair of graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab have launched MaKey MaKey, a Kickstarter project with a noble goal -- to make everyone an inventor.

But doesn't inventing in this day and age take all kinds of advanced technical knowledge? Well, with MaKey MaKey, all you need is a pair of thumbs, a preexisting webpage or computer program, and some imagination.

The innovative invention kit's interface connects to a computer using a USB cable. Users then connect different inputs on the interface -- a control pad, space bar, left mouse click -- to basically anything via alligator clips.

The kit's interface essentially reassigns functionality to everyday objects: Bananas and stairs become piano keys, Play-Doh controls Super Mario Brothers, cats take cute photos of themselves.

This might not be hardcore inventing, but it does look like a lot of fun. And its ability to inspire inventors, especially grade-school aged ones, make MaKey MaKey an interesting endeavor.

Advanced users can flip the board over to reveal additional control inputs, including one for Arduino. This lets users to do things like spin motors and turn on LEDs using MaKey MaKey. It simplifies the Arduino environment by sidestepping any programming or breadboarding of circuitry, allowing users to spend more time experimenting.

As of press time, the project had raised more than quadruple its initial funding ask of $25,000. Pledges start at $5.

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