20 Things Our Editors Think Are Actually Worth Buying

Our recommendations include a serving dish that keeps cherry pits out of sight and a $29 fragrance that smells like J’Adore by Dior.
A cherry serving dish with pit receptacle, the NuFace Mini+, Dossier's Fruity Jasmine perfume and a pair of suede Wallabee shoes from Clarks.
Amazon, Dossier, Clarks
A cherry serving dish with pit receptacle, the NuFace Mini+, Dossier's Fruity Jasmine perfume and a pair of suede Wallabee shoes from Clarks.

March is drawing to a close, and with it comes a list of some of the month’s best buys that we HuffPost editors wouldn’t dare keep to ourselves because they’re just that good. And trust me, we see a lot of see a lot great product contenders cross our desks.

The welcome shift in weather made us reach for things like fruity, floral fragrances, chic dining room rugs that can actually be thrown in the washing machine and a sunscreen-infused skin tint that’s packed with beneficial skin care ingredients.

If your curiosity is piqued, then you’ll most likely be thrilled by this selection of our very own user-approved purchases that we believe were worth the money and then some.

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A NuFace Mini+ starter kit
"I picked up the NuFace Mini+ during a recent sale, and it’s one of the only skin care tools I’ve used that’s made a noticeable impact on my skin. The microcurrent device tightened up loose skin across my face and neck, making my jaw and cheekbones look extra sculpted. Plus, the applicator gel is so hydrating, I don’t want to wash it off after! It’s been so lovely to start the day with a little facial massage and self-care moment." — Gina Escandon, audience editor
Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee and espresso machine
"I recently gave in to the pressure and bought a Nespresso machine. I got the VertuoPlus with the milk frother and while it was a bit of a splurge purchase, I’ve saved so much money on coffee since getting it. I used to go to my local coffee shop almost every day for an iced coffee or a latte, which easily cost $5-$6 per visit. Now, I can make these drinks at home and it’s really easy to do so. I love all of the different pods (love the espresso pods for iced lattes especially!) and look forward to my morning coffee so much." — Jillian Wilson, wellness reporter
A USB-charging wall-mounted torch
"I have a tiny closet without a lightbulb in it, and it's so frustrating trying to find things in the dark! I saw an Amazon influencer share this USB-chargeable light, and it looked like exactly what I needed — the base sticks to your wall with a 3M sticker (I love an excuse to avoid hammering nails into my walls) and the stick light is magnetic, so you can easily pull it off the wall and wave it around like a wand when you want light anywhere else in your house. It's also motion-activated, so it turns on when I open the closet door and turns off about 15 seconds later. I'm so pleased with how well it works, and it looks beautiful, too! I think I'll be buying more of these." — Kristen Aiken, head of HuffPost Life
A set of four front-opening art frames
"If you made me choose between an original Picasso or a drawing by my 7-year-old nephew, I'd choose my nephew in a heartbeat. The only problem is, he's creating masterpieces NONSTOP and I don't have enough room on my walls to accommodate it all. I'm not a 'stick it on the fridge' type of person — I need things to look nice, and be in frames. I found these incredible frames that open up like a book — while they're on your wall!!! — so you can slide new artwork in and out as you please. And my nephew is so proud every time he visits and sees that I took the time to frame his work!" — Aiken
Glow Recipe
Glow Recipe Niacinamide Dew Drops
"Even if you've only been in the skin care game for five minutes, you've most likely heard of niacinamide, a workhorse ingredient that can address a number of skin concerns from dullness to irregular texture. Although the market is pretty inundated with the stuff, Glow Recipe does it right with this vitamin-rich, watermelon-infused serum — especially if you want a really glowy complexion. The formula, which has a soft and juicy texture, actually contains a reflective emulsion of mica to leave an almost glossy finish. I love layering this over my vitamin C serum and under my makeup whenever I want to achieve that hydrated, glow-from-within complexion. Plus, the dose of hyaluronic acid and moringa oil keeps my dry, easily irritated skin happy all day long." — Tessa Flores, shopping writer
Stratia's Interface peptide repairing cream
"Call it an addiction or call it market research, but I am constantly testing out and searching for new facial creams and this one by Stratia, a small Los Angeles-based skin care brand, has been my most recent favorite. First and foremost, I love the ingredients that this moisturizer contains: ultra-nourishing rosehip oil, hydrating hyaluronic acid, protective vitamin E and encapsulated peptides, which are the collagen-promoting amino acids that are essential to a healthy skin barrier. Normally I have to stick with a really thick face cream to satisfy my dry, sensitive skin, but this manages to deliver all the nourishing and comforting benefits that I look for in a moisturizer, without the feel of a heavy consistency. This stuff soaks right in and leaves a truly delicate finish that I can't get enough of." — Flores
Ilia Super Serum tinted sunscreen
"I didn't want to like this as much as I did, mostly because of the surrounding hype and its proximity to the 'clean girl aesthetic' beauty trend. I finally caved and gave it a go, and now, call me a Super Serum covert. It's essentially an all-in-one product that I love for wearing during the day, going to ballet class or any time I just want that perfect touch of coverage and even skin tone. The moisturizing formula is infused with mineral SPF 40, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and squalane — all really great hydrators. There is a learning curve with using this, however. It's truly meant to give you a very dewy, your-skin-but-better kind of finish so I avoid putting on any thick face creams underneath this. Instead I just really work it into my skin until it absorbs almost like a face lotion, then apply a tiny dusting of powder on areas where I don't want the shine." — Flores
A dual-drinking glass water bottle
"This was one of those instances where I wrote about a product and ended up influencing myself to buy it and honestly, I'm happy I did. If you're someone who struggles to drink the recommended amount of water throughout the day, this water bottle has genuinely helped me stay on track and has even made staying hydrated, dare I say, fun? I got the 64-ounce option in pink (although there are three sizes and multiple colors to choose from) and I absolutely love that beneath the leakproof pop-top lid, you have two different ways to drink: either through a straw or a standard mouth opening. It's made from a really sturdy borosilicate glass that's been fitted with a sweat-proof silicone sleeve and time-marked with motivational quotes. My favorite feature however, has to be the wide handle that has been conveniently notched in order to hold your phone — perfect for some television show binging while on my lunch break." — Flores
Nars natural radiant longwear foundation
"I recently refreshed my makeup collection and was seeking out a new full coverage foundation, so I decided to try this one from Nars that several beauty influencers I follow rave about. I ordered it online and didn’t go into Sephora to get matched so I chose the Macao shade based on one influencer’s shade who has a similar complexion to mine and the second I tried it on my face, I was blown away at how perfectly it matched me. It’s a true full coverage formula, but still gives me the skin-like finish I prefer and doesn’t feel heavy at all." — Kristen Adaway, shopping writer
Benefit Cosmetics' pore smoothing gel moisturizer
"As the seasons change, my ridiculously dry skin needs different types of moisture to stay hydrated and looking fresh. I love this moisturizer because it’s lightweight, has a unique gel-cream consistency and reduces the appearance of my pores." — Adaway
A pair of soft suede Wallabee shoes by Clarks
"I’ve long admired the classic styling of these suede moccasins, and after a photographer friend of mine told me that her Wallabees keep her comfortable during long days on set, it sealed the deal for me. I recently picked up a pair in cool dusty green and I am surprised at how much they actually go with everything I own. I cannot wait to spend the entire summer wearing them." — Emily Ruane, shopping managing editor
A wide-leg French terry sweatpant
"I was recently influenced by HuffPost freelancer Emily Laurence to buy these gently flared French terry sweatpants from Target — and I am ashamed/unashamed to admit that I very rarely take them off. They’re extremely comfortable and ever-so-slightly stylish, so that if I need to take out the trash or help get the kids out the door in the morning, I'm not, like, embarrassed if I run into a neighbor." — Ruane
A concrete toothbrush stand
"After devouring Tessa Flores' roundup of interior-designer recommended products on Etsy (and adding way too many things to my cart), I settled on this concrete toothbrush holder in an effort to chic-ify my bathroom sink-scape. I'm obsessed with the red-brick hue and solid weight of the cast concrete object. I'm also hoping that keeping toothbrushes out and on display (and not in the bathroom cabinet) will make my kids’ tooth-brushing routine a little more autonomous. Fingers crossed." — Ruane
Ruggable's Cynthia Rowley washable rug
"When I started the search for a dining room rug, I knew I needed something that would withstand the torrent of smashed, discarded food coming from my two toddlers at mealtime. I'd heard about Ruggable’s magical machine-washable properties, and I loved this graphic floral print from the brand’s collaboration with Cynthia Rowley. I'm very happy with the way it looks in our space, and thanks to the low pile, it’s very easy to sweep up all of the rice, pasta, eggs, or whatever we attempted to feed our kids at the end of the night. I've only washed it once so far — and I did go to a local laundromat because I wasn’t sure our smaller residential washing machine could handle it — and most of the stains came out like a charm." — Ruane
Dossier's Fruity Jasmine perfume
"For years I've asked good-smelling strangers what perfume they're wearing and they always say J'adore Dior, which — upon a Google search — is more than I can j'afford for a bottle of perfume. This budget-friendly alternative from Dossier smells just like the expensive version and has garnered me compliments from strangers (and friends!) asking what I'm wearing. It's crisp and nice without being grandma floral or sticky sweet teen body spray. It's mellow enough to wear every day but still feels a little fancy." — Griffin Wynne, shopping writer
Cabot Street coffee blend by Atomic Coffee Roasters
"Though I currently live in Philly, I'm a proud Masshole, and I love that I can get coffee beans from my favorite hometown roaster from Trade. (Shout out to Atomic Cafe and Copper Dog Books, baby.) If you're a sentimental coffee lover, take a peek at the independent roasters Trade works with — you can probably find beans from your favorite local cafe. They also make for great gifts for loved ones who have recently moved or who get homesick." — Wynne
A pair Durango women's Western buckle boots
"The older I get, my tolerance for uncomfortable shoes continues to dwindle. I've been in the market for a cool pair of motorcycle boots, and was looking for a vintage pair, but decided for the love of my feet I should probably spring for a new one. I found these these boots from Durango and couldn't be happier. They're more affordable than other leather motorcycle boots, while still being super high quality and comfortable for long walks. They haven't needed much break-in time, fit true to size, and are comfortable to wear in cold and gross weather. They look super cool but are easy to style and go really well with jeans." — Wynne
Aquaphor healing balm stick
"I am not ashamed to say I was influenced by a 20-something Utah mommy TikTok person to buy this giant Aquaphor tube. It's all the goodness of Aquaphor, but easy to put on and take with me on the go. I use it as a lip balm and general face moisturizer. It's been living in my bag since I got it. I will note, this version has avocado oil in it, which my older, more liquidy squeeze-container version does not. I was about to share it with a friend (I'm gross, whatever), but they are allergic to avocados, and we luckily realized before!" — Wynne
Porcelain cherry and olive serving dishes
"I count olives and cherries among my favorite foods, but am always so irritated to have an extra little dish out for pits. Not only is it annoying to have to wash an extra plate and have it take up space on my table, but it's extra gross when you are entertaining and can see everyone's pits just out and about. (I might be the only one who is icked out by that). But even if you aren't viscerally repulsed by pits, these special olive and cherry dishes are a must. They have a pit port in the center so no one has to witness the unsightly remains. I love that they're made with elegant white porcelain — they fit seamlessly with my dinnerware aesthetic, are dishwasher-safe and couldn't be cuter. The design is simple, but they're surprisingly innovative!" — Lourdes Avila Uribe, senior shopping writer
Olive & June
A deep green nail lacquer
"I ordered this deep, deep forest green nail polish from Olive and June after spotting it on my best friend Haley. I rarely deviate from my black nails (Essie Licorice, of course) but was itching to try something new and this is about as adventurous as I get with nail polish. I love that it lasts over a week without chipping, as I'm pretty hard on my hands, and that the brand is vegan, cruelty-free and 15-free. I just bring it with my to the salon for dark and moody nails." — Uribe

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