Dr. Mark Hyman Talks Stress And Creating A Culture Of Wellness At The Third Metric Women's Conference

Dr. Mark Hyman: 'Stress Is Automatic: It Finds You, You Don't Have To Find It'

"If you really knew what was happening to you when you are stressed, you would freak out. It's not pretty," said Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D., during a panel exploring the mind-body connection at the Third Metric women's conference on Thursday. Hyman explained to Katie Couric, who moderated the discussion, how he first became interested in meditation and yoga, and how knowledge of these subjects has shaped how he practices medicine and counsels patients on handling stress.

"Stress is automatic: It finds you, you don't have to find it," he said. Meanwhile, relaxation and mindfulness require being proactive -- you have to seek them out, he said during the panel.

For more on what Hyman has to say about meditation, wellness and stress, watch the clip above. And be sure to check out our Less Stress, More Living page for stress-relief tips.

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