Mark Zuckerberg On 'The Simpsons': Facebook CEO Jokes About Dropping Out Of Harvard (VIDEO)


While "The Social Network" has people wondering who the real Mark Zuckerberg is, last night on "The Simpsons," we got to hear about Zuckerberg's life from the man himself - albeit in "yellow" form. Joining a long list of celebrity guest voices, Zuckerberg's most notable moment on the show was when he joked about his lack of education.

When Lisa brings Nelson to an entrepreneurial expo to prove that education is the way to make his new bike-fixing business succeed, the two run into Zuckerberg at a Facebook booth. Lisa asks him to explain to Nelson how higher learning helped him succeed, to which he admits that he dropped out of Harvard. Nelson approves, saying "Better earnin' than learnin'!"

"Hell yeah!" Zuckerberg says. "I'll get the best kind of degree -- honorary, baby!"

Lisa insists that he must be an exception, but Zuckerberg lists the likes of Bill Gates and Richard Bronson as fellow drop outs.


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