That Time Martin Short And George Harrison Got High And Watched A Movie

File this under "Actually Pleasant Celeb Encounters."

Martin Short got to meet his idol and had a dank time. 

The comedian, appearing on “Conan” Monday night, recalled the time he sat down with legendary Beatles member George Harrison at a dinner party. 

But the pair didn’t just say hello. 

“I got high with George Harrison,” Short revealed. 

He told host Conan O’Brien that it all went down back in 1990 at the home of a “fabulous Hollywood couple.” The film “The Hunt for Red October” was screened. People passed around a joint before they watched the movie and after Short handed the doobie over to Harrison, the former Beatle exclaimed, “Ah, the ’60s!”  

Pure magic. 

“Then he took a puff and started talking really loudly,” Short said. 

He said Harrison “couldn’t have been more fun” and described the musician as “delightful.”