Valedictorian Mason Bleu Comes Out As Bisexual During High School Graduation Speech

"It was the scariest thing I've ever done in my life," the 17-year-old said.

A New York City high school valedictorian used his graduation speech to announce that he’s a “proud bisexual man.”

Mason Bleu’s revelation received a standing ovation.

For a “long time, I have struggled with my sexuality. I’ve dodged it and ignored it because I wasn’t proud of who I am,” Bleu said in his speech Saturday. “But today I’m changing that. I’m proud to be a bisexual man.”

Bleu also counseled his classmates:

An important thing about being proud is that you should always be proud of yourself before you want anyone to be proud of you.

On Monday, Bleu told “CBS This Morning” that he wasn’t certain he was going to reveal his bisexuality until the moment arrived, and he didn’t submit that part of his speech to school authorities for approval ahead of time.

Since the speech, Bleu has become something of a media and internet star. The video of his speech went viral with nearly 1 million views by Monday night. And the 14 followers on his Twitter account quickly ballooned to nearly 3,000. 

Bleu also urged followers to contact him if they need help or understanding about their own situations: