Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer Was Apparently Tweeting On The Toilet

"There is nothing that isn't awesome about this picture."

A Kentucky city's number one may have been busy with number two.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer -- or someone tweeting on his behalf -- sent out the above image on Twitter last week, which was meant to highlight talks aimed at bringing Google Fiber high-speed broadband to the city.

Yet all most people seemed to notice was the image's location, which definitely did not look like the mayor's office.

It appears the mayor was sitting on a throne of porcelain, as visible in the background of the photograph are the telltale tiles of a bathroom floor and the walls of a stall.

That, in turn, set off a tweetstorm:

Others noted that the newspaper was on his lap and featured a phallic building right in the center of the toilet tweet.

The multitasking mayor has not yet responded to his social media fans. But if he was indeed on the toilet, can anyone really blame him? Sometimes, it's the only place you can get some reading done.

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