Teen Made Up Clown Attack To Avoid Being Fired For Lateness, Police Say

Cops have charged 18-year-old Alexsandra Conley with making false alarms.

An Ohio teenager pretended to be the victim of a creepy clown attack because she was running late to work and didn’t want to lose her job, police say.

Alexsandra Conley, 18, told cops that a man leapt over a fence and waved a knife at her as she walked to her job at a McDonald’s restaurant in the Cincinnati suburb of Reading at 6 a.m. on Saturday. 

She claimed her red-wigged, stripy-costumed attacker wore white makeup on his face and had drawn a teardrop onto his cheek. He left her feeling afraid and with a cut thumb, the Hamilton resident added.

But investigators allege they discovered discrepancies with Conley’s version of events and she later backtracked on what she claimed had happened.

As a result we have now confirmed that her report was false and she has admitted that she made up the story because she was running late for work and didn’t want to lose her job,” Reading police said in a statement.

It’s not known whether Conley is still employed at the restaurant. Police charged her with one misdemeanor count of making false alarms.

A wave of creepy clown sightings have spread across the state and country in recent days. Another woman in Reading said a person dressed as a clown grabbed her by the throat as she sat on her front porch early Friday. 

Local schools canceled class and issued a warning to parents and children over the incident: