‘Meat’ Hamburger Harry, The Guy Who Turned His Home Into A Burger Shrine

This guy gives The Hamburglar a run for his money.

Hamburgers are just food for some people, but to others, they’re an obsession.

Meat Hamburger Harry (real name, Harry Sperl), the Guinness World Record holder for the “largest collection of hamburger related items.” Totaling in at an astounding 3,724 pieces, Guinness rightfully dubbed Harry the “Burger King” on Sept. 20, 2014.

In a new video with Guinness, the Daytona Beach, Florida resident said he started collecting the items by accident nearly 30 years ago. Now, his stash of memorabilia includes a cheeseburger water bed, a plain ole’ hamburger bed, a life-size Ronald McDonald figure and even a 1987 Harley Davidson customized to look like a burger.

Check out the rest of his crazy cool merchandise in the video above.

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