Media Matters Releases Radio Ads Against Rush Limbaugh (AUDIO)

LISTEN: Media Matters Releases Radio Ads Against Rush Limbaugh

Progressive media watchdog Media Matters released two of the radio ads it plans to use against Rush Limbaugh on stations that play his program.

Following Limbaugh's attack on Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke, multiple advertisers pulled their content from his radio show, with the latest count totaling 141 companies. Limbaugh called Fluke a "slut" for her participation in a congressional hearing about contraception, and made additional incendiary statements about the law student over the course of three days. Even after he publicly apologized to Ms. Fluke, advertisers continued to flee and two stations have since dropped his show.

Media Matters launched its campaign on Thursday, stating the company planned to spend at least $100,000 on anti-Limbaugh radio ads. The ads use audio from Limbaugh's attack on Fluke and criticize stations that still air his program. The group called their ads "community service announcements."

Listen to the two ads via Media Matters below:

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