Meet The Man Looking To Reshape Our Relationship To Food

Twenty-two years ago, Stephen Brooks’ life changed when he watched a Chiquita banana crop dusting airplane fly over a group of indigenous children. Now, Stephen’s a botanical explorer who’s obsessed with finding plants that make our lives better. But what does that mean?

Rob Greenfield’s new video showcases Stephen’s efforts to redesign where our food comes from. He wants to change the relationship we have with the people growing our food and to the planet. So at 21-years-old he created the Punta Mona Center in Costa Rica. An 85-acre, off-the-grid, beachfront, environmental education center dedicated to organic permaculture farming and regenerative ways of living.

The Center is dedicated to educational experiences, cultural immersions, family-like community, connecting with food, resources, and Mother Nature to create a simpler and more mindful way to look at our relationship to food.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Stephen Brooks. The incredible activist’s list of accomplishments will change the way you look at sustainability.