Melissa Harris-Perry Criticizes Obama On Clemency By Way Of Turkey Pardon (VIDEO)

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Melissa Harris-Perry criticized Obama on her Saturday MSNBC show by discussing his pardon of Cobbler the turkey for Thanksgiving.

In her signature "Open Letter" segment, Harris-Perry penned her first note to a non-human—Cobbler. Speaking to the pardoned turkey, Harris-Perry said that Obama "has been reluctant to use his pardoning power for humans," which is something that the bird might not understand.

Since Obama took office, he has pardoned 22 individuals and denied 1,019. Obama has been described as "stingy" and "unusually reluctant" on pardons. Harris-Perry compared his track record to presidents past, highlighting how "Obama has approved only 2 percent of all requests processed by the Department of Justice."

"Cobbler," Harris-Perry said, "maybe you can scratch out a letter to the White House asking the president to show as much mercy to humans in his second term as he has shown to poultry in his first."

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