Melissa McCarthy Is A Terrible Pick-Up Artist In 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch

Turns out "I think you're a piece of crap and I want to bash your brains in" is NOT a winning line.

Saturday Night Live flipped the script on pick-up artist culture last night by giving us a glimpse into a world in which women use cheesy (read: creepy) lines on guys at the bar in an attempt to get in their pants.

In a sketch aptly titled "Pick-Up Artist," a feather boa-wearing, Mystery-esque Cecily Strong coaches a group of women (host Melissa McCarthy and cast members Sasheer Zamata, Vanessa Bayer, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon) as they put their pick-up skills to the test.

One by one, the women try their hands at getting a guy using Strong's specific techniques ("Zero in on the guy you like, compliment his friend to make him jealous and then neg him. Say something negative, get him off his game.") When it comes time for McCarthy's Rhonda to give it a try, things get super weird. So weird, in fact, that she ends up choking a guy before dipping her fingers into his beer and shoving them in his mouth.

(Watch the whole sketch above.)

As it turns out, McCarthy is also terrible at watching horror movies. Like, the worst person to be with in the theatre during a slasher flick, as evidenced in the sketch below, called "Test Screening."

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