More Than Two-Thirds Of Men Want To Die Before Their Wives, Study Says

Whether a couple vows to stay together "'til death do us part" or "for all the days of our lives," it seems men and women feel a bit differently about their time together.

A survey of 1,005 adults conducted by "60 Minutes" and "Vanity Fair" found that 70 percent of men would want their wives to outlive them. For the ladies' part, only 62 percent of women said they would want to die before their husbands.

Both sexes seem to feel the same when it comes to their offspring. When asked about which family member one would give up their life for, some 55 percent of people overall said they would die for their children. Another 12 percent said they'd die for their spouse, 10 percent said they'd give up their lives for their parents, 10 percent would die for their religion and only 5 percent would die for their country.

When questioned about the celebrities they'd like to bring back to life, 35 percent named Princess Diana, followed by 14 percent who chose Steve Jobs and 11 percent who picked Michael Jackson. Interestingly, a vast majority -- 32 percent of women and 19 percent of men -- named Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack Dawson from "Titanic" when asked which fiction character they wished hadn't died.

To read more about the poll, published in the October issue of "Vanity Fair," go here.

The good news for those surveyed: women today can expect to live an average of five years longer than men. However, men can increase their chances of living longer by -- apparently -- marrying a smart woman.

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