The Mewgaroo Sweatshirt Lets You Be A Kangaroo Mom To Your Pet

Sweatshirt Lets You Be A Kangaroo Mom To Your Pet

You may have seen cats on leashes and dogs in strollers before. Pet owners will do just about anything to get close to their animals, and a new product from Japanese retailer Unihabitat totally enables the behavior.

The "Mewgaroo" is a hoodie with a pouch large enough to hold a cat or small pup. The sweatshirt has cat-like details, including a set of pointy ears on the hood and paw pads on the sleeves. The oversized pouch swaddles a pet close to its owners stomach, keeping it warm and safe like a Joey kangaroo.

The cozy cotton number permits hands-free snuggling so that wearers can do other tasks, like text, eat or type, while cradling their cuddly ones close to their hearts.

The pouch has a removable lining for easy cleaning: Fur will, no doubt, collect inside. The Mewgaroo pullover retails for 5,980 yen -- around $50 -- and appears pretty ideal for smuggling pets onto public transportation and into the office.

Cat people and dog people are often at war. This luxury item is sure to make peace for at least one of the battles.

Watch a cat enjoy his person's pocket in the video below.

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