Michelle Trachtenberg Was Bullied By 150 Kids In 8th Grade, Actress Reveals On 'E! Investigates: Bullying' (VIDEO)

'E! Investigates: Bullying': Michelle Trachtenberg Bullied By 150 Kids

It seems that kids can find almost any reason to bully one another. On "E! Investigates: Bullying" (Tue., 8 p.m. ET on E!), Michelle Trachtenberg revealed a story of a humiliating experience she had at the hands of more than 100 kids. It all happened because they knew she was an actress.

Most people think of the fortune and fame that can come with an acting career, but things turned ugly for young Michelle at a party for her 8th grade graduation. She explained that at one point during the party she went to the bathroom, and when she came out, no one was in the house.

Everyone was in the front yard ready to humiliate her, and that came at the hands of the boy she had a crush on, who taunted her. That everyone at the party got involved is both shocking and dismaying.

Trachtenberg says that the success she's had in her career is pretty good revenge. She also does PSAs and speaks out against bullying any chance she can get.

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