Mick Jagger Mocks Trump's Revolutionary War Airports Blunder At Massachusetts Concert

If only the Redcoats had held on to those airports, "the whole thing might have gone differently for us," the rocker goofed.

Hey, you, get off of my cloud. Mick Jagger got sweet revenge on Donald Trump on a Massachusetts stage when he zinged the commander in chief with a dig about the president’s gaffe about the American army taking over “airports” during the Revolutionary War.

Jagger told the audience during The Rolling Stones concert at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough on Sunday that he hoped everyone had a great Fourth of July — but noted that it’s always a “touchy holiday for us Brits,” Rolling Stone magazine reported. He snidely added to uproarious laughter: “In fact, the president made a very good point in his speech the other night. ... He said, ’If only the British had held on to the airports, the whole thing might have gone differently for us.”

Trump recalled the high-flying Revolutionary War in his Independence Day speech at the Lincoln Memorial on July Fourth. “Our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over airports, it did everything it had to do,” he said. “And at Fort McHenry, under the rockets’ red glare, it had nothing but victory. When dawn came, their star-spangled banner waved defiant.”

Trump blamed the gaffe on a teleprompter on the blink.

Jagger and Trump don’t have a warm and fuzzy relationship. After the Trump campaign used songs from The Rolling Stones, including “Start Me Up” and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” at rallies, the Stones issued a statement that they did not endorse Trump and had not given permission to use their music. But the campaign continued to use the songs.

After Trump won the presidential election, Jagger quipped that he might be asked to sing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” — at the inauguration.