Mike Bloomberg, GOP Savior

When Mike Bloomberg, billionaire and former Mayor of New York City, announced he would not run as an independent candidate, the collective groan could be heard on both coasts.

He is our best and brightest. He is a proven leader and a real business genius. He is a pragmatic and a uniter. OK, maybe his super-sized soda ban went a bit too far...

Bloomberg had postulated long ago that he was too centrist to win either primary, so he could not run as either a Democrat or a Republican. Thus, he began to think about the independent bid. Believers in pragmatic solutions rejoiced! But then came the very public conclusion that there is no path to victory as a 3rd party candidate for him.

But that doesn't mean the story is over. There is another path.

Mike Bloomberg, the 2016 Republican candidate for President of the United States of America.

Mayor Bloomberg is the savior that the Trump voters want; except he is the real deal.

Bloomberg really is a business genius; he built a huge corporate empire.

Bloomberg is a mega billionaire and really will fund his own campaign.

Bloomberg really does tell it like it is. (and yes, all the really's are because Trump is actually none of those things!)

Bloomberg has already proven he can operate in the public sector as he served for 12 years as the incredibly successful mayor of the greatest city on earth.

Bloomberg can rally the best and the brightest to come with him to Washington. He could build a technocratic administration. Warren Buffet as Treasury Secretary. Bill Gates as CTO. His administration would include Democrats and Republicans. He can make Washington work again.

Here is how it could happen:

Rubio wins Florida, Kasich wins Ohio, or pretty much any scenario where Trump goes into the convention with the most delegates but not enough to win. Who is a consensus candidate that can appease those wanting an incorruptible outsider with brilliant business skills?

Yes, the NRA won't like it. Yes, some evangelicals will not be thrilled. Yes, some libertarians will bring up the soda ban.

So, he isn't the perfect candidate. But who is? Governor Romney, while another incredibly effective leader in both the public and private sector who is more than qualified to be our President, would cause a revolt as an "establishment" candidate. Speaker Ryan? Highly qualified, but same problem with less executive experience. You certainly can not go to one of the candidates who lost the primary process, as effective as Governor Kasich may be.

Bloomberg isn't perfect but he could win. He would put in play states that the GOP couldn't contest, like New York and California. He could keep states that would never vote for Hillary, like the deep south. He could actually run the table.

GOP, your savior is here, in the shape you always knew he would take. A billionaire jew from NY.