My Dear Heart... Sincerely, Your Mind

The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed; The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, Whose charms were broken if revealed. Charlotte Bronte

Dear Heart,

From the beginning of time there has been a war between the two of us -- the logical mind and the restless heart. We have been put in one human body, yet we are worlds apart in every aspect. Humans use us differently yet sometimes even they get confused, some of them use me more while others prefer you. I am the logical one, the one who helps you get a good education and a high paying job; however I have always been jealous of you. You my dear heart is made of the most important thing in life -- love.

I have so many issues where I constantly talk to myself, I tell myself how unworthy and unlovable I am. While you continue to try to love yourself and others, you get hurt and then love again. We argue constantly, I try to act like Im superior while the truth is I can never be like you.

Even though you always end up breaking yourself into a million pieces, I do envy you. I have tried to warn you so many times not do so much for others and assume that they will give you the same love in return, yet deep down I wish I could love like you.

You see the world like an innocent child; to you everyone is good hearted until proven wrong. To you everyone you meet is worthy of being loved, you openly smile at everyone, while I keep to myself.

To you the world was created to be a happy place and a place to spread love, where love you believe is the ultimate answer to everything. Well I do to, but my ego comes in the way and its difficult for me to admit that you my dear heart are right and I am wrong.

You can openly be passionate about things that you love, you aren't afraid to fully open up and show the world what and who you love, its me who puts the doubt in you and tells you to hide
Fear doesn't live inside of you, when you decide to do something crazy wild you go for it. You're willing to take risks -- no matter how big or small for the people you love

When you see hatred and negativity in people you want to fix it, while I just stand on the sidelines and analyze. You cry every time someone doesn't love you with the same intensity that you want them to, yet still give them the benefit of the doubt. I can't do that I pull away and shut down and try to find the worst in people.

I hope you never change and harden yourself. May the atrocities of the world never make you lose faith in humans, and may you continue to love and be loved...

Your One and Only Mind

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